Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Scrapbooking Pages..

I have not only been card-making, but I have also done a few pages too! I really enjoy scrapbooking, it goes hand in hand with my love of photography and photos!!

Anyway, here is a few pages from the past month. Enjoy.
 This first page is my attempt at a Vintage Style page. I wanted it to reflect the era of the time of the photograph, which was 1960. I love vintage, but am afraid I need more practice at getting it just right!!

 Now this was a fun page! My Great-Nephew Will enjoys going for a walk with his Mum, his big Sister Amalie, the family dog, the cat, and ..... the horse!! What a sight it must be to see them all trooping off down the road. Absolutely priceless!!!!

In June I became Great-Aunt once again to an adorable little girl named Elvy. Elvy is the daughter of Steve and Nerissa Cottle. Nerissa is my brother Brian's daughter, and my Niece. Precious isn't she!

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