Saturday, August 27, 2011

What about some Reborning???

Yes I have been doing that too!
Here is my little Hannah. She is made from the Sofie kit, I think I liked her because of the thumb sucking. :-) The little lemon cardigan she is wearing was knitted by my Mum. Its the only one out of 27 items that Mum actually completed (one was started for each Grandchild) so its very special.

This is Rachael. She is made from the Quinton kit. Poor Rachael is NOT happy... I think her pigtails may be a little too tight... what do you think???

Last but not least we have Alexander David. He is only 18" long and weighs 3lb. A wee cutie with his blond curly locks! 

So as you can see, a few more babies to share our home (for now anyway! lol). I am working on another reborn, but I cannot share photos as that one will be entered into a competition next month. I also have a set of twins to do, thats going to be an exciting set to work on!! 

Well, until the next baby comes along, that's all my news for this time. Happy Crafting folks!!!

ps: Keep an eye on my blog... I have some awesome news to share, and I am going to be starting a brand new craft!!! More on that later. 
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