Monday, September 6, 2010

I felt the earth move, under my feet...........

That song is so stuck in my head right now!! At least we are still all around to talk about it hey! What an experience! One I have NO intention of repeating thank you very much!

I think many people in NZ will remember 4:37am on September 4th, 2010 for the rest of their lives! Me one of them!!! I was literally "shaken" out of bed by the 7.1 magnetude earthquake that struck. I think everyone has a tale to tell about their experiences, ours were very mild compared to most and I thank God that no lives were lost!

The oddest occurance though for us was the fact that my husband John, who was out bringing the cows in, didn't feel a thing! Meanwhile my Son David and myself were rudely shaken from our beds (his mattress slid off his bed!) and his 42" tv smashed to the floor! A big speaker fell from his bookcase and landed where he would have been lying had it not been for the sliding of his mattress. For me, it was purely unbridled terror!

The aftershocks continued (and are still going on now, only not quite so violently!) seeming like every few minutes. You spend your days and nights bracing for the next one to come! Truly a terrifying experience.

So, what does one do when faced with no power, no water, and no means of communication with the outside world? One CRAFTS!!!

During this two days of horror, I created my very first Christmas Card for the year. Mind you, it took me two days to do it. lol. I found my self not able to sit still for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Still, it did allow the glue to dry. ;-)

Good luck to all the Cantabrians who are now trying to put their lives back together again after what has to be one of the most bizzarre weekends imaginable! My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes. It's a miracle there were no deaths!!! God Bless all the people who have worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to restore power and water to most of us. Your efforts are so much appreciated.
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  1. Thoughts with you and your family as you piece back together your belongings... I'm guessing the craft glue won't fix it? Love your first Christmas card!

  2. Anne, What a fab card! How could you concentrate - mind you its better to be busy and keep your mind off whats happening. I have been thinking of you all weekend. Glad to hear you are all ok - shame about Davids tv tho!!

  3. I had been thinking of you down there! Hope there is not to much damage to your house! My dads place is a little damaged! He also will not for get the quake! I hope the after shocks stop soon,they would bring it all rushing back! Can't believe you turned out such a great card I would not be able to stamp because I would be still shaking myself!!!

  4. Glad to here you are all fine You were in our thoughts and prayers. All my family are fine also
    Love your card.

  5. Hey Anne, a beautiful card, Hope you are all ok, and hopefully there is not to much damage done, amazing that you scrapped with tremors and quakes - on a lighter note that is dedication to your addiction Anne (insert smile here). On a serious note, hope you are all ok

  6. Anne, I'm so glad that you posted as I have been thinking about you ever since I heard about the earthquake. Glad to read that everyone is okay and hopefully the aftershocks go away completely.
    Your card is Beautiful!!!!

  7. I've been wondering about all you NZ girls down there and hoping everyone was alright. So it was with relief that I saw your post tonight. Beautiful card in the midst of anxiety and fearfulness I'm sure. Take care of yourself and your family. Glad to hear your boy didn't get injured with all crashing around him. You're in my prayers.

  8. Anne, glad to hear you are safe and sound. My thoughts and prayers have been with all the NZ people effected. What an amazing card you have completed while all the after shocks are still going on.

  9. You ROCK Anne! lol I am sure you are sick of all the puns but you are AMAZING to be able to keep so positive during one of the most terrifing events in NZ! This card is awesome and shows exactly how talented you are.
    You and your family and friends will remain in our hearts and minds for many days to come.

  10. I can't believe you could come up with such an amazing card under all the pressure. Really thankful you are all OK and it's only belongings that are damaged, not you and your family x

  11. I remember saying to my husband (who is a computer game junkie) when our power was out after the quake (we are in town) "at least I don't need power to stamp!" for some reason he rolled his eyes :/