Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christmas Decoration Share........

Over on Crafters Anonymous, we have begun our Christmas Decoration Share. What this means is, every Sunday for the next few weeks, someone will post a tutorial on making your own Christmas Decoration. It can be in any form. I decided to start the ball rolling, and this is my decoration.

I made two, one in traditional Christmas colours and one slightly different. I have to say I quite like the blue!!
These are quilted Christmas Balls, no sewing at all. I think they are adorable!!

Next week we have Tia presenting us with her decoration. I am so looking forward to these projects! I simply adore home made tree ornaments. :-)
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  1. I love these quilted ornaments, never made one yet, but LOVE them! TFS!! R ;)

  2. Hi Anne I love the christmas decorations and must check and see how they are made. Have been hearing about the earthquake all day and checked CA to find Tia has said you are ok but without all the necessities. Hoping you will get this email from your blog to know we are all thinking about you. And if you want to escape I have a spare room in the Bay of Plenty!Hugs for you.

  3. Anne,
    Been thinking about you and your family. Hope all is WELL. {{hugs}} from Canada