Saturday, August 7, 2010

Farewell to Swap Sisters!!

As you will have seen from my Blog, I Have been involved in the Swap Sisters site created by Sue Denning as a Design Team Members for the past few months. I have to say this has been the highlight of my crafting career to date! I have so much to thank Swap Sisters for and especially the fantastic team members, Sue Denning, Melissa Davies, Sheri Lee and Tia Routledge. They have all been so supportive, helpful, friendly and caring from day one!

It is with much sadness that the site has now closed. I for one am going to mourn the loss of a very special place, and the wonderful, friendly and caring members who came along week after week to share with us all.

One of my roles was to do an online Punch Art class. This has been so much fun! I had no experience at doing punch art before I began, so I owe this new "talent" to Swap Sisters also.

Above is the final class I did for Swap Sisters. It was my own design of our Logo, the Swap Sister's Owl. Rather a fitting final class I thought!!

So, to all my Swap Sisters out there in blogland, I say a huge THANK YOU for the love, caring and support you have all shown to me and my fellow team members. To my Swap Sisters team members, love you all!!!

I am sure as one door closes, another door will open! Au Revoir my friends!!

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  1. * sob* *sob* that was lovely Anne, thank you for being a brilliant Swap Sister design team member. It was fun, and so nice to meet you both online and at convention. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you on our creative journeys,
    Melissa :)

  2. so sorry I wasn't there to support you for your final class. I really enjoyed them.