Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having a Break.......

There will be no new posts from me for the next wee while as all my craft goodies are now packed and ready to be sent on their journey to Australia!

I dreaded, and yet looked forward to this stage so much! Dreaded it because I knew once it came I would have to manage with no crafting, but excited because it means its that one step closer to our relocation! Finally, things are happening!!

I have kept out a cross stitch kit so I can fall back on that if I need to do some crafting. I am thinking of lots of ideas for when I finally get sorted out again in Australia!

So, please do watch this space for updated news. Enjoy your crafting, and I will continue to follow your blogs, and keep a keen eye out for those amazing projects out there.

Have a Wonderful, Crafty Christmas and New Year and I will be back! New Country, new home, and new craft ideas!!
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  1. Best wishes for a safe journey Anne. I look forward to seeing you in the blogging world once you have arrived safe and sound. How EXCITING!!!

  2. Anne, Good luck with your move and have a safe trip, best of luck, Melissa :)

  3. Hope the move goes well Anne!

  4. Thinking of you Anne, with more quakes happening again in CHCH and having all your papercrafting packed up!! Take care my friend. xx

  5. You will be going thru withdrawals Anne, not having much crafting stuff around you!!! I know you will be back brimming with wonderful creations for us. Can't wait. Hugs to you and your family.

  6. All the best for your move across the sea, hope everything goes well for you, will be thinking about you.

  7. Hope the move goes really well & you're back crafting with us soon - I'll see you at convention next year I hope

  8. Best wishes for your move Ann. Keep a little writing journal at your side for those inspiration moments and then when you're able to craft again, you'll explode with all that inspiration. Good luck on your new life journey!