Friday, November 6, 2009

Written by my Son for our Daughter.....

For Vicky

From the second I awoke this morning,

With the sun still yet to rise,

My nerves already on edge,

My stomach full of butterflies.

For today would be the day,

The day I saw you again,

The last five years would be as nothing,

And together we could pretend.

Pretend that things were different,

Pretend that things were good,

Pretend that our last goodbye,

Had gone the way it should.

I clean and dress with care,

I wish too look my best,

Even though you wouldn’t mind,

I know you deserve no less.

As im walking off to meet you,

I pass a shop and see,

A beautiful bunch of roses,

I buy just one to take with me.

When finally I arrive,

At the place we are to meet,

I softly whisper ‘I love you’

And place the rose at my feet.

For I stand before your grave stone,

And I shed a single tear,

It has been far, far too long,

Since the last time I was here.

I know you would forgive me,

But in my heart I still feel bad,

You were my one and only sister,

The closest friend I had.

So I make this vow today,

That five years shall not go by,

Before the next time I visit you,

And wipe that single tear from my eye.



(I just wanted to post this here today, as tomorrow is the anniversary of losing our daughter Victoria.. it will be 16 years. Our Son Robert wrote this Poem for his Sister a few weeks ago!)
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  1. I'm sitting here in tears Anne...what a beautiful poem/tribute Robert has written.
    Big hugs from me.

  2. I had no idea Anne! That is the most beautiful and heartfelt poem I have read in a long while. Your son is not only talented but obviously loved his sister very much. I am going to go and give my daughter a hug now.

  3. I couldn't read that with dry eyes either, Anne. Hope today went OK for you. Thinking of you.....

  4. What a beautiful tribute Anne. I haven't got dry eyes either...thinking of you.

  5. Wow Anne, that was beautiful. I have tears running down my face! I just came here to say thanks for your comment on my little boxes, I didn't expect to read anything like this! I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you hugs too.

  6. Anne - Before I even got to the bottom, before I even started reading...I knew automatically it was written by Rob...he has his way with words....and his poetry I always enjoyed and his wise old words he use to share with me when I was blue and down - even if we are of similar age he was like a wise old wizard. Do tell him I think of him often as a friend but not near enough as I use too or should as friends are meant too..

    I remember sitting up with you last year when i came down to met you, that very first night I arrived, 2am we were up talking and you shared your stories of your Angel....

    RIP Vicky...and a sweet 16th up in Heavan!

    Much Love to you all Anne! xxo