Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, welcome to my Blog Site, where I wish to share with you my cards, my scrapbooking pages, and other crafty stuff. :-)

I haven't been making cards very long, but since getting a Cuttlebug for Mother's Day in 2008, I have become hooked! It's just amazing, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I have been scrapbooking for a couple of years, but never really been to any classes (maybe I should? lol). Again, it is something I enjoy doing, and find it very rewarding.

My reasons for starting to Scrap were when I wanted to put together an album for my Mother's 70th birthday. I wanted something different, and with a story to tell. I am also into Genealogy, so I wanted to incorporate the two things.

I wish to leave behind more than photographs. I want my photos to tell the stories of when they were taken, where they were taken, and who was in them! I wanted to leave behind a small history of MY family and friends. :-)

Over the years I have been interested in many crafts. From cake decorating to quilling. I have tried my hand at knitting (I am not a knitter! lol) at crochet (I did manage to put edges on a few face washers, and some tea towels!) at sewing (I enjoyed that more when the kids were little, or when I had babies to sew for!) and at cross stitch (I still have heaps in the cupboard, and if my eyes were any better, I would still be doing this, as I love cross stitch!).

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog site, and viewing my pictures of cards and layouts I have created. I am not the worlds best at this craft, but I do love it. :-)
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